Matts Talk

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The second talk with Matthew went into detail about design. He went into detail about his work with record sleeves, but used that as a metaphor for our blogs. He described how some record sleeves mirror others, some rebel, become art, serve a purpose. How it was always about the band being on the front until some designers made it almost impossible to tell who the band was just by looking at the cover.

Sara’s Talk – Visual Research

Visual Research and Blog


I started yesterday morning with a talk from Sara on VISUAL RESEARCH. Picking up on points such as, make your ideas visual its easier to see on paper than all cooped up in your brain. Look at what works and just as important what doesn’t work. Photograph things, film it, write it, reflect, annotate, draw, record, describe my reasons behind decisions.

people to research: littlescrapsofpaper. eekes. designobserver. typostrate. ilovetypography. urbansketchers.

CIP – The Art Of Ping Pong – Presenting My Work

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

The unveiling of the work for Fivefootsix.
In this project The Art of Ping Pong we were asked to create ping pong bat artwork. The Art of Ping Pong is a collaboration between Fivefootsix and BBC Children in Need. Bats will be selected to be put forward into the competition and auctioned off for the charity. Fivefootsix are a design and branding consultancy, specialising in creating strong personalities for organisations that value the importance of their own brand.


As you can see here I have worked towards a clean finish using typography. The idea was to keep it simple whilst trying to convey a strong and quickly recognisable message that anybody will understand.