Model Building and Photography Talk

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This morning we had a tutorial with Kieron on animation/model making. Not something I would have particularly chosen given the option, however I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge of the craft. Kieron gave us a break down on constructing a animation model.


He began by quickly sketching a template for a model, a long spindly character with a top hat, 3 legs and a tail. After that he gave us descriptions on handy tools and materials to use.


Each part of the model would be laid out on top of the template and assembled bit by bit. Kieron recommended using balsa wood because of its super light and easily manipulated properties.


In true bluepeter style here’s one Kieron made earlier, lets call him Number3, the head has been calved out of Styrofoam and sculpted into a loving face.


They’re actually quite loveable/horrible in an “only a mother could love that face” kind of way.

I’m glad Kieron took the time to share his knowledge with us, I could clearly see that he enjoyed working with the materials, it’s something I know how to do know and I’ll jump at the opportunity to put it into practice.


As much as I think I know about taking a photograph, there is always more to take note on.


Heather shared her skills with us today, giving tips on how to take a better photograph of your work. Its not all about getting it in front of me and taking a simple photo. If I just take a little time to compose the photograph a bit it will go along way. There is always something new that I would like to use when having these talks, Heather suggested when using a flash on my camera cover the flash with tracing paper to soften the brightness, which is fantastic because sometimes I struggle to find the perfect light, and the flash causes a huge white glare.


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