CIP – Ping Pong – Development

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

When I was told to go away and create a piece of work with a ping pong bat as the canvas, this instantly jumped into my head, KING PONG PING KONG. It is just a minimal, playful and typographical design using word play as the main element. Unfortunately after the talk we had by fivefootsix, we were aloud a sneak peak at some of the designs submitted, and could you believe it, a wonderfully illustratred King Pong (King Kong but on a ping pong bat) had been put forward. Disheartended, I still created a design for my idea and  put it forward for the submission. Truth be told now though, I’m glad it happened because it made me branch out and focus on other ideas.


The bats seen below were an idea I had which replaces rock paper scissors with bat paper scissors, and of course bat wins. I think the concept it a good idea but honestly the design needs major work. I still went ahead and gave it life. My idea was for the bat to be mirroring an old computer screen, giving the whole design a feel of some kind of retro arcarde game.

TAOPP_Bat Template

Trying for a more jovial design I created the Ping Pong Song. Just keeping things cheerful I wanted the desgin to make the viewer smile.

TAOPP_Bat Template

Another design that followed on from the computer screen idea was the finger print bat. I experimented with a few ideas in this case. However, this green bat representing the flash of a finger print scanner in action, was one of the best outcomes.


These two images are the front and reverse of one whole bat. The idea is simple yet very effective. I feel this is one of the stronger designs, purely based on the fact that it has more subtance, more depth whilst still remaining quite light hearted.



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