CIP – Ping Pong – Development

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

I’m currently doing some preparation work for my ping pong bat design. So far I think I’m going to go ahead and focus completely on this design, for I feel it is my strongest.


Many of the bats that were submitted by other students were heavily illustrated. I’ll be putting forward my perky idea, which is solely typographical. The idea of ‘Hello’ in various languages on the red side is something everybody can easily relate to. On the reverse blue side having ‘Goodbye’ in the same languages is a reflection of the opposite side, however it’s also leaning towards what you might say whilst hitting the ball back to the other player. I’ll be using the blue and red colours I would associate with typical ping pong bat colouring, this way I won’t be losing the traditional feel of the bat.


Here we have some further tweaks to my designs, adding the wooden texture has brought the design from an idea to something I can truly visualise.

I envisage the design to be screen printed, so this is something I will have to work out. You would almost expect the words to be coloured and the wood to be the negative space, but I’ll be having the negative space as the words, leaving just a subtle glimmer of the grains showing through, also another hint at the way traditional bats are usually seen.

stepssteps 2


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