Look Mum No Hands! – Talk From David Bennett

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects


We had David Bennett, who is the Design Director at OPX, give us a talk Tuesday afternoon. David was involved in the branding of ‘Look Mum No Hands’.



Look Mum No Hands is a Café / bar / bicycle workshop. The concept for the shop was conjured up by a couple of mates who wanted a place to have good beer with a place to repair your bike so they pitched the idea to David. They toyed with other names, Chalky Rider, Weary Hare and many others. In the beginning they had said they don’t want anything to silly, but It was after they were sat in the pub when David said ‘what about look mum no hands’, they said ‘that’s it!’.

logo look mum no hands

They went to a letter press shop and experimented with a number of typefaces, until they saw the one in the image. They said ‘that’s perfect what’s it called?’ and they person they were working with had no idea. So now this Unknown typeface is painted huge just outside of the shop.


We have been set a task which is:

To observe and record the important ‘brand touch points’. Brand touch points are any interactions customers have with the brand; visual, physical, digital, experiential. Look at the communications, product, signage, environment, customer service, and how each of these deliver unique attributes for the brand. Look out for the surprising details.

Then I must turn my observation into a story showing a day in the life of the brand Look Mum No Hands. I need to choose a medium and format for telling the story: montage, storyboard, movie, animation, book, or illustration. Give a sense of movement through time. Think about themes that run through the story. I should aim to express what I think is special about this brand and its personality.






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