Studio – Environment

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

Tuesday morning we went around the studio and talked about what happened on Friday. On Friday everybody organised the area into a much more practical space. Shelves had been erected, tables into an orderly fashion some being against the walls other in the centre for group talks, we acquired a sofa (for relaxing of course), walls dedicated to jotting down notes, draws for putting work away and gave the walls a splash of blue paint.

Emily showed us a clip of Steve Jobs talking to members of staff at apple about their new campaign ‘Think Different’. The talk was inspiring, he talks about reducing the product line and get rid of stuff that’s not working to focus on the gems. I’m taking that on board because sometimes I get stuck on a project that I’ve made too complicated for myself and then when I take a few things away, things become much clearer.

Steve Jobs talks about Nike and how in the Nike adverts they have athletes selling the brand and only show a bit of the product. Jobs then goes on to show Apple’s campaign ‘Think Different’, I honestly think the campaign is a bit of a sham, for example look at this image Jobs shows in the video





Ghandi…Ghandi. I understand that Ghandi is fantastic person and Apple are saying ‘Think Different’ almost saying ‘think different like Ghandi does’. However I can’t help but feel cheated when seeing it, Ghandi probably owns no technology at all never mind a Mac.






‘THINK DIFFERENT! Just like Albert Einstein’. I appreciate they have created a strong image, and I know its Apple and the campaign was a success. Honestly I do like this image I want it on my wall, but for all the wrong reasons, I don’t feel anything towards Apple when I see this, they have create an iconic image, through the use of an iconic symbol/face.




Don’t get me wrong I might sound like I dislike Apple or Steve Jobs its quite the opposite I idolise what Steve Jobs/Apple have achieved. I know its a marketing strategy and it was a really new thing at the time, maybe I’m being to critical and at the time it was fantastic, I just can’t help but see it as a marketing strategy alone and not speaking any truth about the brand.

Here’s the clip



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