Look Mum No Hands! – Research

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I have admittedly never heard of the term ‘brand touchpoint’ before, however now I know the term it really helps explain how a brand works. As i understand it a brand touchpoint is something that a customer can interact with, be it physical digital or other. So for my project which is focusing on expressing Look Mum No Hands! brand touchpoints I need to firstly know which brand touchpoints I can interact with.

touchpoints 2

My first point of call is their website. So now I know this place is not only a cafe it’s also a bike repair shop.

The website is built up with lots of sections to delve into.

Untitled-2 Untitled-1

So this instantly starts to show how this place is a little more than just a cafe. This is 10 minutes of research and I’m already seeing that this brand has many layers. Which gives the opportunity for the owners to create many brand touchpoints.

Now I know the term brand touchpoint, I can now look at brands in a whole new light, understanding that things I interact with are conscious decisions, building up the many layers of a whole entire brand.



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