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Look Mum No Hands!

look mum no hands (3)

Walking down Old Street heading to my first visit to Look Mum No Hands! and I spot their impossible to miss sign. The right amount of eye catching not intrusive one bit, completely charming if anything. I’ve learnt a lot about the place and I haven’t even stepped inside yet.

look mum no hands (18)

look mum no hands (10)look mum no hands (13)

look mum no hands (11)

Passing through the garden area into the café/bike repair shop, I’m hit with multiple designs from the brand on just about every object you could think to sell, mugs, tshirts, hats and so on. Don’t get me wrong they haven’t just got the logo and printed it on everything, each item on sale is of high quality with little twists and changes retaining the same Look Mum No Hands! identity.

I order my coffee and all the staff seem really friendly, I was told to take a seat and the member of staff would bring it over. I was happy to see several people working there, because I notice places only hirer a small amount of people so they can pay less wages and the members of staff are always stressed and rushed off their feet, but not here, everybody seemed happy to be there. So intern I was even happier to see the place full of customers, from people passing on bikes, people having meetings, socialising etc.. I noticed by the front door a little sink and cups provided to help yourself to water, a few passing cyclists made use of that, which I thought was a nice touch, not only providing the free water but leaving the cups there actually encouraging you to help yourself.

look mum no hands (9)

Apart from the apparel on sale, I wasnt bombareded with any of their own signs saying FOLLOW US, LIKE US or VISIT OUR WEBSITE. All the flyers, posters and magazines were about events or different brands all together. Again this is a subtle but nice little touch, because these days you don’t have to be told to go and follow, like or visit the website, if something catches your attention you’ll decide if you want to go on to the website.


Here are some other shots from inside


look mum no hands (12)




Serious about art.




look mum no hands (15)



Coffee mug/toilet brush holder…priceless.




look mum no hands (17)



Auf Wiedersehen.


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