Brand Flip- Intro

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects


Brand Flip is a new project that I have been set. This project is about engaging with the theory of branding and showing that you understand some of the key issues by expressing them in a visaul piece of work.  This task is based on the book by Marty Neumeier called Brand Flip. Along with his other books, The Brand Gap and Zag, these are core texts for this studio that explain the principles of brand and branding. It is recommended that I buy these books or borrow them from the library to read in their entirerty. My task is to focus on pages 1-27 of Brand Flip. I am asked to think about some of the ideas presented. Choose a part of this section of this book-at least 300 words, but could be more- and create a design for this content. I will need to type out the excerpt I want to work with. think about creating a design to express the part I am focusing on. It can be in the form of a magazine or poster. How can I bring the ideas in the book to life with imagery, typography, hierarchy, or examples of brands?


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