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I attended the British Film Institute (BFI) Wednesday night to watch the screening of Laurie Anderson’s- Heart of a Dog. The film is a deeply moving and outstanding display of love, death, language and story telling, inspired by her beloved terrier, Lolabelle who died in 2011.


“Taking eloquent narrative leaps between childhood memories, meditations on surveillance culture and the Buddhist concept of the afterlife, Anderson has fashioned a wonderfully engaging essay film that is both playful and serious and that reverberates with a profound sense of loss. In her first feature film since the 1986 concert movie Home of the Brave, she fuses collage-like visual elements –  hand drawn animation, 8mm home movies and newly shot footage – with her own mellifluous narration and original violin compositions. The result is an intoxicating cinematic journey that may well have a canine heart – and Lolabelle will definitely steal yours – but it originates from one intelligent, witty and enduring woman’s mind.” –

laurie 2

laurie 1


The following day, Laurie Anderson joined London Film Festival Connects to talk about her creative approach to filmmaking and how it intersects with art, performance and music, in a conversation with her friend, the musician and artist Brian Eno. The conversation was brilliantly witty and deeply fascinating. Seeing two great minds talk about working methods past and present, right before my eyes, was remarkable.




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