Brand – Sound Bite

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

Adrian talked the group through some points on what a ‘brand’ actually is. When talking about a brand, I learnt that it’s not such a specific thing, not even something tangible. For example when thinking of a brand I might think Kellogg’s, I imagine the box the way it looks, feels and I imagine the Kellogg’s Rooster. I have learnt that a brand can also be the way we interact with the product, our emotional experience, this is something that companies obviously cannot manufacture themselves.

Have you ever wondered how strange it is to visit the dentist and have a complete stranger, who for some reason you automatically trust, plunge their hand into your mouth? Or ever wondered about people who go to the barbers and, exposing their neck , let the barber give them a shave using a sharp blade? No me neither, until today… And on that bizarre note: We watched a video where an experiment being conducted by psychologist Stanley Milgram was taking place. One person was told to ask questions to another person and each time the question was awnswered wrong the person asking questions gave the other person an electric shock and eventually the voltage will become so high, the person receiving the shock will die. However the second person (receiving the ‘shock’ in another room) is an actor and no shock is given at all, but the first person doesn’t know this. The first person asks away and starts to give smalls shocks to the actor and hears cries of pain. Eventually the actor stops responding and the first person thinks they have died or are in danger of dying. However (and this is the interesting part) when instructed to carry on with the shocks the first person still complies and deals out what he thinks are life threatening shocks of electricity. We as humans when told by an ‘authority figure’ to do something, we are inclined to do so. So when told by a man in a white coat to carry on with the shocks, we do so. Just being told to do something, in the right circumstances, seems to be enough to make us do it. So if we can be commanded so easily to deal out lethal shocks of electricity knowing the person receiving might die, then how hard would it be to persuade you to buy into a brand…



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