Look Mum No Hands – A Day In The Life

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DSC_0008I have been generating ideas on what medium will be best to tell a story. I was leaning towards creating a poster, something along the lines of a map, that plots out certain points of brand interactions. I possibly would like the idea to be heavily typographical, but each time I start to plan I completely disregard the need for a narrative.

However, last night an idea came to me and like all good ideas, it was when I was trying to sleep. I have been thinking how would I be able to create a video narative? After some inspiration from a film I saw recently by Laurie Anderson, I got the idea for a collage mash up type of video. My narative/video will be from my point of view (filmed with a headmount), about a cyclist whos bike has an issue and the first shot will be a wheel spinning, and then I’ll pull my phone from my pocket and go to the Look Mum No Hands! website and say something like ‘AH’ as in a sigh of relief. All this whilst the the audio of the wheel spinning is still playing. The next shot will be arriving at Look Mum No Hands!, continuing into the bike shop, I will ask the guy working there if I could get him to speak about a common problem with bikes and film it, then fade the visual out to buying a coffee all the while the audio from the bike spinning and then the repair man talking will still be playing faintly. Then I get the coffee and sit, and I will insert a timelapse of maybe half an hour of the whole sitting area, so now the audio will be the wheel spinning, repair man talking, and noise recorded from the cafe. Then it will all stop and cut to me riding my bike down the road and with a ring of the bell the Logo for Look Mum No Hands! will pop up.



The concept is completely in its first stages, I will be doing research and only after I shoot the films will I be able to tell if what I’m trying to achieve is going to work. Hopefully the video will have a choppy pieced together feel about it, which I think will mirror the feel of the cafe and website. They have created a gallery effect with lots of images over the walls, flyers to take and bikes hanging from the ceiling, this intern fabricates a feeling of patchwork/montage. So keeping that in mind what I want to acheive will replicate the experience of Look Mum No Hands!


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