CCS – Canary Wharf

Critical & Contextual Studies, Visits

Canary Warf
We were given the choice to independtely visit either, Canary Wharf, Westfield Stratford or Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I have chosen to visit Canary Wharf.

Task: Observe my journey to Canary Wharf carefully: who are my fellow travellers, what landscapes does me journey take me through, what sense of the place do I get as I arrive at my destination, look carefully at the design of my point of arrival. Write and illustrate a short essay (300 words) describing my journey and arrival based on these and other observations; include at least 3 correctly referenced quotations/ citations from any of my reading so far.  Design and make a carefully considered postcard of Canary Wharf based on my reading of Auge and Williams, and on my visit.


I have made notes on my jounrey to Canary Wharf, which form will be my foundation for my 300 word essay. I’m still working on the concept for a postcard design.


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