Look Mum No Hands! – Video Production

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

videosI visited Look Mum No Hands! this morning and shot some footage for my video. I had forgotten how hit and miss recording with a GoPro was. I had to take several of the same shot to make sure I ended up with at least one good video.

I spoke to Luke who was the repair guy at LMNH!, he was really helpful and talked for a couple of minutes whilst I filmed. I then went to buy a coffee and the member of staff didn’t want to be filmed, I can completely understand that, It actually pushed me out of my comfort zone because now I have to think around the problem. How can I place another interaction with the bran into my video. Something for me to think about.

I went a head a shot what I could anyway, unfortunately I couldn’t achieve the busy time lapse that I had wanted to film, because it wasn’t busy enough. I shot a couple of minutes anyway and it ended up being a nice bit of footage, really calm instead of busy. I came home and started to edit the footage, I realised that the camera had picked up a huge amount of background noise.

background noiseSo I researched the problem and watched a tutorial on how to reduce background noise whilst using Premiere Pro. After focusing on background noise I then edited some other audio turning it down so it didn’t over power the video. I’ve created a first draft of the video, I need to get some more footage and focus on integrating more customer touch points.Back to the drawing board.

This has been a great learning curve for me, it’s always a confidence booster to add more skills to my toolbox. It’s quite satisfying picking up skills as you go through a project, so for the next time I come to use a package like Premiere Pro I know I can do that bit extra.


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