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branflip workings

I have chosen this piece of text to work from for my Brand Flip project.

“The new model of brand is similar but with one important difference: the order of events. Instead of creating the brand first, the company creates customers (through products and social media), then the customers create the brand (through purchses and advocacy), and the brand sustains the company (through customer loyality).”Brannd flip sketches


I decided because I am working directly from a piece of text to keep my design purely typographical. I started writing down important words from the text. COMPANY, BRAND, CUSTOMERS,CREATE, SUSTAIN.  I created a quick design where it kind of looks like the word ‘company’ is giving life to all these little ‘customers’ and then feeding into the word ‘brand’. The idea was that the word ‘brand’ was going to be built up like a calligram from the word ‘customer’ repeated over and over.





With an idea in mind I opened up an InDesign document and got the first main word ‘company’ in place so I could work it out from there.



As I said above I wanted to create the word ‘brand’ out of the word ‘customer’, so quite literally, the brand was made by the customer. However this became over complicated taking away all aesthitic value. Deciding against the complicated design I went ahead and had the word brand as normal.


But still it wasnt looking right, so rereading the text I picked up on the brand sustaining the company.

Brandflipfinbrandflip experiment


I pondered about how the whole design was supposed to represent a cycle.  I added some arrows to see what kind of effect it would create. I decided against the arrows because I think the design at this point is quite self explanatory.


BrandflipfinHowever, I still wasnt satisfied.

brandflip experiment black

The white text on black background has given it that extra element as a poster design. It brings it away from looking as if I havent thought about the background, which was default white like the background of the InDesign document, into a more considered looking piece. I love how the slightest of changes can make a huge diffrence.


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