Look Mum No Hands! – Hand In and Crit

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

This morning we went through everybody’s work in a group, to explain what we have created and to receive some of that all important feedback.

Here’s the video for the Look Mum No Hands! brief.

We started by watching my video. The feed back about the video was very positive. Adrian pointed out some very useful points, and as he was explaining himself I couldn’t help but completely agree with him. He pointed out the fact that it felt very structured, very linear, too linear. The video had been designed in a very orderly fashion, if I was to slice up the clips and mix them around, creating a non linear narrative, then things would become much more interesting. As we discussed this, I couldn’t help but think why had I not done that in the first place? I will give some more time to the video, adding some more images of the café (focusing on brand touch points), which we also discussed the video was lacking.

brandflip experiment black

Here’s a reminder of the poster I created in response to the second brief Brand Flip. With this one people were being  honest with me and saying that they didn’t really see what was going on. I appreciate what they had to say, because being the designer of the poster obviously I understand what was going on in the poster. So in a way I had put myself in a box and couldn’t understand how somebody wouldn’t be able to understand what I was trying to illustrate. However, when I was told to explain what was going on, I had to couldn’t help but see what they meant. I had become so cooped up in the design that maybe, if you were seeing this for the first time, it wouldn’t make much sense. We discussed room for improvement, I have to admit I picked a random typeface, so picking one with a bit of research behind it could help inform the image much more. Another point was, in the text the word ‘brand’ is the main factor, so having the words ‘company’ larger that brand, kind of wasn’t staying true to the chosen text.

I’ve been given much to consider, I will be applying what we discussed today to both the video and the poster design.


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