CIP – Hosting Ping Pong Bat Gallery/Auction

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

On Friday 13th November (Year 2 / Level 5: Visual Communications CIP) will be hosting our own event, this will be a live auction in aid of BBC Children in need, in association with Fivefootsix’s The Art of Ping Pong, to take place at Commercial Road on the ground gallery space/café area. We have been split into groups, in those groups we have to curate a gallery/auction space for our ping pong bat designs. As a group we have to consider every aspect of the event from brand, marketing campaign, design aesthetic, curation, sponsorship. As a group we each pitched our initial ideas to the other groups and received some feedback and direction from our tutors.

Essentially we need to consider:

•    Budget (will it cost? is there a free alternatively?)
•    Title (The Art of Ping Pong is already taken pick another one)
•    Brand (including experience/ethos/slogan)
•    Marketing campaign (this must include but not be limited to social media)
•    Design aesthetic (for the overall look of the event/ brand/logo/marketing and any supplementary materials)
•    Curation (how/where to display your Ping Pong Bats/Paddles and accompanying flyers/zine)
•    Sponsorship (this could take the form of paper/print/ booze!!!)



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