CIP – Creating Identity For Ping Pong Auction/Exhibiton

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

As a group we generated some ideas for names, we came to a decision; London Metro-pingpong-tan Auction. A cameo of the real London Metropolitan University logo, I’m sure London Met won’t mind…

ping pongsketches23


We started out by sketching some really rough ideas, just so we could visualise and see what was going to work. After several bad ideas we homed in on one in particular (the one seen above).



LONDON MET PINGPONGWe had to do our research to find the exact typeface used in the LMU design. It’s a typeface called Gotham. However this wasn’t an available font on the uni computers (and it wouldn’t let us download it). After meeting with my group in the library today, when I got home I downloaded Gotham and started to compose the design.


We thought this was a good place to start, hoping that the rest (flyer/poster designs) would follow naturally. To a degree we were correct, we could now say ‘well on the poster we will have this logo either top or bottom’ for example, and we worked from there.




We are currently experimenting with some designs for flyers/posters. This is one concept we like, we are also going to see how it will look with several ping pong bat designs all overlapped for a background.




situation photo1


This is how the design would look in situ.




We have also been working on a power point presentation to, that we will present to Fivefootsix on Wednesday. In this presentation we have covered how the logo/flyer/poster works, how we will raise awareness of the auction/exhibition, what funding will we be able to receive, who can we get to promote us, the curation of the whole auction/exhibition and more.


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