Breakfast Unscrambled – Intro

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects


I started a new brief today Breakfast Unscrambled. This project will take up 3 weeks of taught studio time and will involve researching a broad category of products and services related to breakfast and identifying an opportunity for my own exciting new brand innovation.This first week I will be gathering research. Today I took a walk down Brick Lane and noted down how many places offered breakfast and what they had to offer. Places offered a whole variety of breakfasts, pastries, cooked breakfasts, bagels, muffins, fruit, smoothies, cereal. I will generate some ideas on how group these brands in a way to make sense of them eg premium/value/healthy/traditional/convenience?

After this I met up with Rob and Joao from my group and we began to pester the public stopping people to ask what had they had for breakfast and what did they drink? (would you have guessed people really didn’t want to talk to us!) all together we gathered 50 peoples preferences to breakfast. This will be used later in creating an info graphic.

Now I need to identify one type of product that I saw in my research that I think has scope to be reinvented better, as a new brand.


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