Breakfast Unscrambled – Visualising My Design

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I have been unable to get into the letter press room this week at uni. This idea has been floating around in my head and beginning to annoy me because I needed to see the idea instead of thinking about it.

Breakfast Unscrambled – Concept Board

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

concept board

I have tweaked my concept board slightly. Instead of calling my brand unique, I have been more specific and gone with the word eccentric (unconventional, unusual or surprising). Also I have removed Weetabix and Cheerios as my affinity brands and gone with brands called SUPER and Hummingbird, which my brand has much more in common with.

Breakfast Unscrambled – Concept Board – Development

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects



I have been pulling some images together over the past week to develop my concept board. In my concept board I have a portrait of my target customer. It’s a person in a rush, checking their watch, struggling to get ready, whilst trying to eat. My target customer is somebody who is always against the clock who doesn’t have time to do multiple things in the morning.