CIP -Ping Pong Bat Production

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

pingpongbats (1)

Finally purchased my ping pong bats, now its time to start peeling off all that rubber to reveal the wood. 

pingpongbats (2) …One hour later. That took me a lot longer than I anticipated. I have peeled both sides of rubber off, one of the handles, but left the rubber going around the sides so I can pull that off after screen printing and hopefully create a nice clean surface. I have chosen to leave one handle off and one on, when I come to screen print I’ll see which one works best. I have a feeling it will be the one without the handle, if so that’s no problem I can get some wood glue in there and hold it in a vice for an hour whilst it dries.

I need to think about the words on the handle, I will probably sand them off.

Hopefully this time tomorrow I will have at least one of the sides complete and in the process of drying.

red bat hellojpg blue bat goodbyejpeg



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