Breakfast Unscrambled – Data Visualisation

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

In the morning on Friday we has Ricardo and as a group we were given some quick tasks to achieve. The first one was to document our journey to uni and pick out specific sounds/imagery and time stamp it. What was the first logo I saw and what time was it? What did I smell/hear? etc. 

The second task we were asked to pick a subject we liked and with that subject create 5 isotypes. My chosen topic was music so I sketched out a vinyl, CD, speaker, drum and an ear.

IMG_0304An isotype is a drawing, diagram, or other symbol that represents a specific quantity of or other fact about the thing depicted. So I chose a vinyl and a CD because I like to listen to them, a speaker because that’s how I listen to them, a drum because that’s a part of what I listen to and an ear because without that I wouldn’t be listening to anything. 

I feel that this project was not necessarily about the work outcome, but more of a way of introducing us to even more ways to represent data, which plays a huge role in our next project Breakfast Unscrambled.

Afterwards we selected our top 10 films and put them in order of preference giving each film a percentage out of 100, which was actually quite hard to do in the 10 minutes we had. Then with the results we created a spreadsheet.



In the spreadsheet we entered the information, we then highlighted the whole area of info.



spreadsheet3We then selected a chart that worked best to show the information.



So the largest percentage like Pulp Fiction are seen as bigger areas.



We spoke about how this is a very quick and simple way of showing information. However, I could go into more detail, for example, I could drop an image from a scene in Pulp Fiction onto the Pulp Fiction data area and repeat for the rest of the films, it would then start to look quite interesting.

It’s knowing how to do simple things like this that I feel can be the building blocks for a much more considered piece of work.




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