Breakfast Unscrambled – Generating an Idea

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Today I have been generating ideas, using the data I collected, to create a product that can fill a gap in the breakfast market. My data showed that out of the 50 people I asked the most popular breakfast was cereal and the most popular drink to have was coffee. This information made me think…coffee cereal.

I kind of had a hunch that when I go to search for my idea I would find pages of images related to coffee cereal. I was wrong, there was coffee flavoured cereal but no coffee bean based cereal. I know that you can buy coffee beans that has had something done to them so you can eat them as a bean, so I know its edible/doable, so in this breakfast the coffee bean is the cereal. This flavour really isn’t for me, I couldnt think of anything worse, it’s the whole getting the coffee flavoured sweet in a pack of revels, I hate that flavour. On the other hand, some people think that flavour is delicious, those are the types of people this cereal is aimed at.

On this basis, I would like to aim my cereal at people on the go, people working in the city where time is precious. This cereal cuts out taking 5 minutes to make a coffee, packed with an intense flavour that will satisfy your morning fix.



We have been asked to create a concept board, so we can begin to visualise how the brand is going to feel/work. The image above is just some images I pulled together to begin a much larger concept board. When I started thinking about this brand I thought, honesty, fairtrade, eco friendly, high quality. I thought how the brand would be manufactured, I would like the packaging to be 100% recycled, if any waste occurs as a brand we would state how much waste and what we’re doing to achieve 100%.

This is only the first day of the project and I’m all agog to see where this goes.



This guys enjoying it anyway…IMG_0323


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