CIP – Final Ping Pong Outcome

Creative Industry Practice


I completed my ping pong bat this week. The design has been chosen to go into the Paper To Paddle auction on Friday the 13th of November. pingdgf pingponggg

I am happy with the way each side came out, although, the blue side needed another coat of colour. From the stickiness of the glue after peeling off the foam, the bat became stuck on the screen whilst I was screen printing. So I had to peel it off and it would have been impossible to realign it perfectly for another coat. After it dried out over night, I took it to the woodshop room and used some wood glue and a vice to glue the handle back together. After letting that dry over night as well I then sanded the logo off the bat.


I still have another bat to experiment with, I think I’ll go back and print a design more like this blue bat goodbyejpeg red bat hellojpg

so the writing is blank and the rest of the bat is colour.


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