Breakfast Unscrambled – Brand Development

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Today we were generating more ideas for our brand identity. Following on from the talk by Mike Reed, I began focusing on a name for my brand. Mike pointed out that the name didn’t really have to be so literal, I was to try using a more abstract name that loosely relates.

When I saw the image above it made me start thinking of time, clocks, morning.  I jotted down some words associated around time;

woken up







And from this list I pulled out two words; quicker and morning. Quicker Morning. Focusing on the function of my breakfast concept, that’s essentially what i’m trying to create, a product that saves time in the morning. So that’s one possible idea, I proceeded to generate more. Thinking of the morning aspect, dawn. And then the fact that its a cup of coffee and cereal in one, double. Double Dawn. Honestly not to hot on that one but its still a name. Experimenting with the dawn idea, Express Dawn, Espresso Dawn, Java Dawn.  Then after talking with Emily, what about just simply, Dawn. 

That’s a couple of names to think about now.

I was asked to create a 20-60 word description, really trying to sell my brand.

‘Packed with caffeine, Dawn is the cereal to start your day right. Combining your morning lift with the most important meal of the day, you’ll have more time for you.’

…or something along those lines.

This generation of names, by quickly jotting down ideas without giving it much thought, really helped me progress forwards with choosing my brand name. It gave me a sense of fluidity to the things I wrote down, making the name ideas much more conversational. My issue surrounding this part of my project was that I seemed to be trying too hard to come up with a name, being too literal, which then forced me to come up with oddly sounding names that didn’t reflect the brand in the way I want it to.


Here are some more images I’m collecting to create my concept board.


Strange golden smoke taking away from coffee seeds




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