Breakfast Unscrambled – Mike Reed Talk

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects


mike reed

We had an amazing guest speaker today called Mike Reed, owner of the copy writing company Reed Words.

Instead of me trying to explain what Mike does, I’ll quote his website.

“We’re a writing practice based in London, working with clients worldwide. We bring brands to life through words – from naming and identity to websites, posters, UX, films and ads. That takes more than just a knack for grammar. It takes insight and imagination. It takes a conceptual, strategic approach, and a commitment to craft. We should know – we’ve been doing it for years. Hello!”-


Mike gave a really engaging and useful presentation of projects that his company has worked on over the years.

One project was the branding of the new world trade center building. Mike explained how the project was obviously a sensitive subject, and trying to incorporate a reminder of the past whilst focusing on the future.

“we never forget what has gone before. Yet our eyes have always been on the possibilities ahead. ”



Another project Mike showed us was Yonderbound. I thought this name was really clever, not really what you would expect.

Mike also explained some interesting points about brand names;

Shredded wheat- descriptive, accurate,

Cheerios- cheery, fun

Coco Pops- fun, descriptive

Special K- …special…it doesn’t really mean anything. Yet it’s successful.

At the end we got to try some of our breakfast unscrambled brand names on him. A few that I have conjured up we’re quite specific and trying to say everything that has to do with the brand all in one name (organic coffee cereal etc.). Mike suggested try coming up with a name that you could associate with your brand but isn’t so specific.


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