CCS – Souvenir Presentation

Critical & Contextual Studies


Last Thursday in CCS we had to present are alternative souvenir for London. 

For my alternative souvenir I encapsulated water from the river Thames. At first glance my alternative souvenir may appear to be a jar of murky water, yet, it’s what it signifies that’s powerful. Literally a palimpsest of London’s history in a jar, you can touch it, smell it, you can even drink it if you want, but I wouldn’t considering its history, it would most likely make you ill…but I think that’s the point, It’s authentic. Just like the out dated cool Britannia esque, miniature red buses, red post boxes and red telephone boxes, the Thames too is quintessentially an integral part of London’s history. What makes Thames water work as an alternative though, is authenticity.

So I had to get down to the Thames and bottle up some water whilst trying to look normal…

IMG_0420 IMG_0419 IMG_0421

IMG_0423The three bottles of Thames water.



Preparing the labels for my souvenirs.





Dipti and Tom told me how to push my idea even further. If I could play on myths that exist, for example, some people believe that if you take soil or water from certain parts in the world they can bring good luck and fortune to your life. Keeping this in mind I have created different labels for my souvenirs.

Thames Tag  thames tag riches  Thames Tag creativity




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