CIP – Paper To Paddle Zine Work

Creative Industry Practice


For the exhibition that took place on Friday, me and James set out designing the inside poster for the zine Thursday evening. It’s a section of various paddles that were up for auction. I admit James did most of the work, whilst I sat with him giving my expert opinion. I have never really worked collaboratively like this before, what I found useful was sharing each others knowledge with short hand keys and tips for using InDesign and Photoshop etc. 

The zine had been designed by Maria, but I had the job of putting the final touches on the front cover.


I had to write and add the text and position the content. The text that was previously being use was a bit long and contained unneeded information. So I cut it down to

“A collaborative project by Visual Communication students from the Cass

November 13th 2015

6pm – 9pm”

However I did have the info above the line of bats and the dates under the bats, but it still didn’t feel right, I left the room for 5 minutes and it was over ruled, all the info had been dropped down under the line of bats. I’m happy it happened it gave it much more balance.

IMG_0471 IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_1936

When the designs were printed and ready we had to cut and fold them into zines. I learnt a useful little technique to create a quick perfectly little zine. On a whole, I really benefited from this side of the planning by working closely with others, swapping techniques from simple things like cutting a zine to more complex things like using Photoshop to design a poster.


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