Breakfast Unscrambled – Concept Board – Development

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I have been pulling some images together over the past week to develop my concept board. In my concept board I have a portrait of my target customer. It’s a person in a rush, checking their watch, struggling to get ready, whilst trying to eat. My target customer is somebody who is always against the clock who doesn’t have time to do multiple things in the morning.

I have created 5 brand values which reflect my brand:

Brand Values

I have also placed some other brands in there which I can associate my brand with. I have chosen Cheerios and Weetabix. It was hard to find an affinity brand because there are no coffee cereal brands out there. However I associate my brand with these because Cheerios have a likable brand and people of all ages eat them. Weetabix I chose because they have more of a wholesome product with an honest and mature feel to the brand.

Other relevant images on my concept board reference coffee beans, time, bowls of cereal etc. so I can begin to define my visual identity.



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