Breakfast Unscrambled – Concept Board

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concept board

I have tweaked my concept board slightly. Instead of calling my brand unique, I have been more specific and gone with the word eccentric (unconventional, unusual or surprising). Also I have removed Weetabix and Cheerios as my affinity brands and gone with brands called SUPER and Hummingbird, which my brand has much more in common with.

This concept board is moving in the right direction now, incorporating the deep rich tones to really push my brand into the realm of premium branded items. I have started to notice a reoccurring image of a circle, in the clock, and the bowls. How then can I incorporate the image of a circle?


One thought on “Breakfast Unscrambled – Concept Board

  1. This is looking great in terms of your choice of content. Maybe the final thing to do is to work a bit more on it as a montage, as a composition in it’s own right – the typography and lay out, particularly thinking about the kind of feel of your design. You could also add some smaller text annotations to draw out key points that you are highlighting about your product idea, target audience and the brand personality.


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