Breakfast Unscrambled – Creating a Logo for Crunch O’clock

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

crunch oclock centeredOn Tuesday I was working towards a logo for my brand. I have chosen to develop this design further. Because I think there is a repeating image throughout my research, the circle. The circle resembles a clock, cereal bowl, spoon. concept front cover

This is a mock up that I will be developing into a more considered design. I will be changing the ‘caffeinated cereal’ part possible into ‘caffeinated flakes’. This is just a general outline of how I want my pack design to look.

I have to think is this looking like a premium brand? No? Then why not?

I think I need to lose the harsh block black colour and add a texture. Something that resembles the below.  Creating a more hand crafted style. Something along these lines will make the brand feel like a one off, a unique product.

coffee decor | Vintage Dictionary Coffee Decor Print plus by TheSalvagedSparrow...for above the coffee bar.


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