CIP – Paper to Paddle Auction

Creative Industry Practice


I feel the event was a huge success on Friday. I was surprised about how much some of the ping pong bats sold for, earning up towards £70. 


CIP – Paper To Paddle Zine Work

Creative Industry Practice


For the exhibition that took place on Friday, me and James set out designing the inside poster for the zine Thursday evening. It’s a section of various paddles that were up for auction. I admit James did most of the work, whilst I sat with him giving my expert opinion. I have never really worked collaboratively like this before, what I found useful was sharing each others knowledge with short hand keys and tips for using InDesign and Photoshop etc. 

Breakfast Unscrambled – Brand Development

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects


Today we were generating more ideas for our brand identity. Following on from the talk by Mike Reed, I began focusing on a name for my brand. Mike pointed out that the name didn’t really have to be so literal, I was to try using a more abstract name that loosely relates.

Breakfast Unscrambled – Generating an Idea

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects


Today I have been generating ideas, using the data I collected, to create a product that can fill a gap in the breakfast market. My data showed that out of the 50 people I asked the most popular breakfast was cereal and the most popular drink to have was coffee. This information made me think…coffee cereal.