Brand Theatre Display

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Today I assembled my 3D display, and I’m happy with how it looks. I was going to have the pole a lot longer, but when I began piecing everything together the shorter version made more sense. 


Assembling Brand Theatre

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Today I went on a hunt for the perfect table/chair/shelves that I could dissemble, then reassemble into my Brand Theatre display. This oaky wooden piece of furniture will work well in communicating that macho brand aesthetic.  

Breakfast Unscrambled – Letter Press Title

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crunch oclock letter press crunch oclock letter blocksCRUNHC…that’s not right.

Today I finally got into the letter press room to print Crunch O’clock. I couldn’t get a consistent print, on one the R didn’t print and then another the C didn’t work. It’s ok though, because I will need to scan them into Photoshop, there I can piece together the ones I think are best. 

Breakfast Unscrambled – Working With Letter Press Blocks

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

WAKE UP! LETTER PRESSits time letter press



These are some titles I’m thinking about displaying along with my bowler hat cereal bowl display. Phrases that are associated with my brand whilst not describing anything in too much detail. Letter press is a good choice because again it creates that one off style of brand I am trying to communicate. Letter press is very blocky which mirrors the macho side of the brand.


Brand Theatre Development

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For my display I’m thinking about having a cereal bowl, but the cereal bowl will be a bowler hat. It’s just normal enough to work but also completely eccentric. I will make some prop Crunch O’clock cereal and fill the upside down hat. To really get the caffeine side of my product across, I want to have little coffee beans bursting out from the hat. Maybe the hat will be on top of a podium.