CSS Deconstruction of Wonderbra Ad

Critical & Contextual Studies

In today’s lecture we deconstructed this advert for Wonderbra. At first we see a typical advert for underwear, a half naked blonde attractive woman. It’s made up of all the components, image, text, logo. It’s a strange advert, Wonderbra, obviously a brand for woman, however the half question ‘or are you just pleased to see me?’ is obviously aimed at men. The half question is half of the phrase ‘Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?’ very sexual, almost borderline inappropriate. A product aimed at men but for women…?

The woman in the image ,Eva Herzegova, has her legs and hands cropped out, whats being hidden? The illusive hands create thoughts as to why are they not shown? People argue she could be holding a gun. It’s the unknown that makes the viewer feel as if the woman has power.

I can understand how people could find this sexist, using a typically attractive half naked blonde woman to sell a product is just commonplace. However, I just feel that if you’re going to advertise, say for example toothpaste, you’re going to show really nice clean white teeth, not yellow old rotten teeth. So thinking in these terms, yes I can understand why people might say its sexist, I just don’t feel that it really is.



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