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I have been working on a few ideas on how to really bring the eccentric side of my brand to life in the 3D display. Following on from a conversation I had with Emily, I’m going to be displaying my cereal in a cereal bowl, but the cereal bowl is going to be a bowler hat.

The bowler hat is a man’s hard felt hat with a round dome-shaped crown that I would usually associate with the finest of gentlemen. This is linked to my brand, which is a premium brand.

At first I thought that’s it, I’ll have the bowler hat and then I’ll have coffee beans pinging out of it to represent the caffeine in the cereal. However, I then started to think how could I push the display further? I purchased a bowler hat, placed it onto my kitchen table, then this made me realise, the hat needs to be raised higher, at least to shoulder height.

At first, to raise the hat, I started to think about Roman columns. I’m not sure why this popped into my head when I wanted to raise the hat. I just thought it would look bizarre .




I’m sure it would be, but realistically I don’t have the time to acquire a miniature Roman column.




I then started to think of alternatives and began to sketch some ideas down. I started to think of a chair leg, not just a straight rectangle leg, but a candy twist chair leg or something like that.

DSC_0004 chairleg1

I think it would be quite easy to obtain a chair leg that would have this kind of rippled effect. This again will echo high quality.



This Queen Anne chair leg would work very well, I have a feeling it wouldn’t stand up on its own. It has this kind of off balance look to it which would fit in perfectly with my brand. I could create a wooden square and nail it to the bottom to give it stability. I know a few shops around the area that could have these types of chair legs, I’m going on a hunt tomorrow.



Maybe even a walking cane? Which would work well with the bowler hat bowl idea.


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