Brand That Can – Concept Board – Development

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

concept board new

I have added a few images which represent my target customer, younger generation, students etc. I also need to think of some more messages to add to the board.


Brand That Can – Woup Identity

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

afinity brands 1 afinity brands 2

I have been pulling together images to try out a raw and natural feel for Woup. Ignoring the product itself, I have chosen brands for their aesthetic, emotion and colour. I believe Woup should be identified with beautiful raw colours, creating a feeling of honesty and purity.

Will this work for communicating the brand identity for Woup. These images are very bright and colourful, maybe I could make it work if I could use a toned down version of these.


CIP – Beyond Limits – Idea Generating

Creative Industry Practice

My new brief Beyond Limits:

Is it possible to design our bodies and mind? Is it
possible that machines and new technology can replace
humans? Can we create and re-construct organs for medical
purpose? In this brief you are asked to rethink the body and
mind. What are we made of? Explore the senses, chose to
enhance them or even extend lack of senses or aid disabilities.