Brand That Can – Deconstructing Photography

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

This morning ,with Ricardo, we were asked to choose a brand which has a social purpose. I chose the brand Hello Fresh, which deliver fresh and healthy ingredients to your door, to save people time and to promote a healthier lifestyle. Then using Pinterest we started to create a mood board for the existing brand, with images found online.


I then created a similarity mood board, by only searching for images using key words such as,


By doing the alternative search I then had a variety of similar images.



I then cut out all the images and grouped them together by colour, shape, mood, aesthetic and so on.

img_0617 img_0618 img_0620 img_0622 img_0621

I started by grouping the images together simply by colour, but Ricardo explained to me how things like shape should also be considered. After this I then realised they could be assembled in many different ways.

This was a good exercise to really get my mind working. Focusing on sorting the images into groups based on colour, shape, size, mood, tone and so on. The list really is endless and this has made me realise that I am to consider all of these aspects, and integrate specific colour, shape, size, mood and tone into my own brand identity.



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