Brand That Can – Wonky Soup – Woup

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woup concept board

For my new brief I have the opportunity to create a brand identity for a new company just starting up. Wonky Soup or Woup (it hasn’t been decided yet) is a brand with a huge ambition for tackling food waste.

We had an introduction from the creators of Wonky Soup who talked us through the amount of food that is being wasted in England. It sounded like most large super markets like Morisons and Tesco, were creating huge amounts of waste due to ordering too much food and rejecting ‘imperfect’ vegetables.

Asda’s wonky vegetable box. It seems as though Asda are tackling the waste problem, but ideas like this don’t tackle the problem at the source. Wonky veg should be sold along side normal veg, it all tastes the same. We were told that supermarkets make the choice for their customers, we don’t have a choice of the wonky veg, it’s already been thrown away before it reaches the store.

Wonky veg box

Krom Krommer (crooked cucumber) is a dutch brand which produce wonky veg into soup. The people that set the brief said they liked the design and thought that it was very playful, they don’t want the brand identity to appear exactly like Krom Krommer but they think this is kind of what they’re looking for.


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