CIP – Beyond Limits – Idea Generating

Creative Industry Practice

My new brief Beyond Limits:

Is it possible to design our bodies and mind? Is it
possible that machines and new technology can replace
humans? Can we create and re-construct organs for medical
purpose? In this brief you are asked to rethink the body and
mind. What are we made of? Explore the senses, chose to
enhance them or even extend lack of senses or aid disabilities.


I have started to create some spider diagrams, which have led on to some quick sketches and ideas for the new brief.


This idea is if a person has a false eye, they can pop in an eye that projects a beach scene into the persons mind.


This other idea is interchangeable creature hands, if a person is missing a limb, they can rejoin a limb from a different animal like an octopus, goat, dog, or maybe not even animals something like an umbrella or even a tommy gun?



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