Beyond Limits Exhibition

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Shame I couldnt make it, thanks James for getting my work up!

James Notarianni

An afternoon spent curating the exhibition space for the Beyond Limits final outcomes, with my peers. Good communication between students, and some lovely work on display. Many different outcomes and project subjects, each to their own style and unique-ness.

A quick post to just show a few pictures I took of the event. Plus pictures to show the A1 size printers, printing my posters.




Great end to a great project!

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Beyond Limits – Poster – Print

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

print prep 8

I printed my 3, A1 poster designs for the Beyond Limits brief today. After blowing them up to A1 size I started to realise little specs of black on the page from where I had scanned in the images. If we weren’t being asked to print as large as A1 and if I was made of money I would reprint, alas I am not, so the imperfections stay.

Hothouse Talk – Lakwena 

Hothouse Talks

On Friday we had a talk from Lakwena. I was really intrigued by her story, which seemed to start somewhat similar to where I am now, and now she’s jetting around the wall painting huge wall paintings in LA, Vegas and so on. 

Lakwena had a fantastic energetic styke which she executes wonderfully. She definieyly brings a little energy to the enviroment she decorates. 

Beyond Limits – Poster – Development

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

poster idea claws full poster idea OCTO full poster idea TALONS full

I was just using the illustrations as a mock up idea, but really I like how minimal the design looks, it’s representing something that’s obviously much more complicated than the design is telling, it’s simplifying the product making it universal.