Brand That Can – WOUP – Cinema 4D Workshop

Empathy & Enterprise

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.56.16 AM

In todays session we used Adobe Illustrator to edit my logo text for WOUP which then will be taken over to Cinema 4D, the file had to be saved as Illustrator 8, because Cinema 4D doesn’t recognise the more recent versions of Illustrator files.

Meet the Cass!


London Metropolitan University visual communication students are hard at work using the huge variety of facilities:  letterpress, screenprinting, library, riso printer and many many more.


The students set up their own exhibitions and they are involved in everything – setting up the space and producing the work.

  Curating events from the very beginning to the enjoyable free bar at the end. 


 Come find out more at 

CCS – Critical Design

Critical & Contextual Studies

feminine masculine ccs

For CCS we have been asked to create a piece of critical design in response to one of the lectures from this year. I have decided to choose gender as my topic. I started by thinking what is an every day object that I can project my design on to, I chose a chair. 

CIP – Duke of Uke – Concept Board

Creative Industry Practice


As my design for the GIF was very black and white, I decided to start designing a series of posters, which was nice to breath a little bit of colour into my work. This is a concept board I am using to develop more posters.