Brand That Can – Visual Language With Ricardo – Reservoir Dogs Poster

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

reservoir dogs leveled with text

In the second half of today’s session, using what we had learned in the morning, we were asked to create 2 movie posters using simplified pictorial imagery via design. 

From the explanation above we were asked to choose one element and one principal to apply to our movie poster.

I chose to use the movies Reservoir Dogs and 12 Angry Men. Firstly for Reservoir Dogs I applied the element; colour and for the principal; pattern. I generated some sketches to put the designs principals to use. IMG_1618

I then took my ideas into Photoshop. Focusing on the names of each character of the film; Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Mr.  Pink, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Orange and Mr. White.

resevoir dogs posterThis was the first outcome using colour and pattern.

resevoir dogs poster 3Further experimentation lead to this design.

reservoir dogs leveled To mirror the iconic moment the members of the cast are walking in line I created the design.

reservoir dogs leveled with text I chose a bloody red colour with a slim text to give an essence of the film.




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