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Dennis Worden

I have been generating some ideas for my three Beyond Limits posters. I started out by brain storming all different aspects of the project. I finally arrived at the idea of ‘the uncanny’.

The uncanny;

‘The psychological concept of the uncanny as something that is strangely familiar, rather than just mysterious, was perhaps first fixed by Sigmund Freud in his essay Das Unheimliche’

This is exactly how I felt about this project, it had a flavour of bizarre whilst remaining quite ordinary.

So when I established how I felt, I could then move on to research for the right images/ideas. I quickly came across the artist Dennis Worden;

Dennis Worden

The style in which Worden works is something along the lines of what I wanted to do myself for this brief.

0001451117_10 220px-The_Uncanny

I started to notice patterns in the use of colour, I noticed that a lot of designs associated with the uncanny used bold and block colours.


My research took an unexpected turn. Whilst researching ‘the uncanny’ I came across ‘The Uncanny X Men’. This is where I started to imagine my posters being illustrated in a comic book style.

Keeping the famous layout comic book covers use. Title at the top – subheading – image. I thought that if I could create a comic book style whilst still taking influence from Dennis Worden’s work, that I could create something perfect for the brief.


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