CCS – Critical Design

Critical & Contextual Studies

feminine masculine ccs

For CCS we have been asked to create a piece of critical design in response to one of the lectures from this year. I have decided to choose gender as my topic. I started by thinking what is an every day object that I can project my design on to, I chose a chair. 

After conversations with Dipti I have developed a concept.

I have decided to create a proposal for a dystopian reality.

In my distant future dystopian reality, society has stopped dressing/ talking/ acting feminine or masculine.
So the government plans to start the ‘Gender Identification Seating Scheme’, to identify female from male. In establishments such as schools, work places etc. If biologically you are male or female you will be required to sit in the male or female seat.
The female seat consists of a terrible device which forces the sitter to sit in one position alone, stereotypically how women are seen to sit. Legs together, arms together, good posture and so on. (very lady like).
However, for the male chair, I was thinking one of two outcomes.
1. The seat forces the male to sit broadly, legs apart, arms wide. Similar to the female seat. Stereotypically how we expect a man to sit.
2. (and my favourite), just have a normal chair… following on from a discussion we had in a seminar, about how men have everything to lose, and women have everything to gain.
I would like to say in this dystopian reality that, however a man sits, it will be classed as masculine.
feminine masculine ccs
feminine masculine ccs2
feminine masculine ccs3

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