CIP – The Shadows – Posters

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

Shadows Poster 1 Shadows Poster 3psd shadows poster 5 shadows poster 4 Shadows Poster 2


Being heavily inspired by Gordan Matta-Clark and Sophie Calle’s work, I have worked towards what I’m calling a construction/familiarity-esk aesthetic. These 5 A3 posters work as an acknowledgement to the surroundings I have chosen to capture, emphasising the confusing depth perception of the spiral staircase and the stark black paint used in painting the metal work against the bright sky. Whilst simultaneously incorporating quite an ordinary scene, creating an air of familiarity.


Brand That Can – WOUP – Brand Application

Empathy & Enterprise, Projects

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 8.52.03 PM mock up ipad

After altering my logo design I have gone back over some of my brand application. Applying my brand to these mock ups is really helping me identify areas that I can improve upon.

CIP – The Shadows – Sophie Calle – Research

Creative Industry Practice, Projects


I have been researching photography by the artist, Sophie Calle. I am keeping a running theme of black and white, to stay specific to ideas surrounding the appearance of contrast.