CIP – Secret 7 – Visit

Creative Industry Practice, Visits

Phone Photos 419(Comfy?)

On Friday I visited the Secret 7 vinyl sleeve exhibition, the exhibition showed the work of winners from a competition who had to design a vinyl sleeve for a song from the list. 

Phone Photos 430Phone Photos 429Phone Photos 428Phone Photos 427Phone Photos 426Phone Photos 425Phone Photos 423Phone Photos 422Phone Photos 421Phone Photos 420

With a wide breadth of art work; abstract, photography, illustration, print, collage and so on, the exhibition was an interesting visit. I now know that each competition entry was not aloud to use text from the song they had chosen.

Chvrches – Clearest Blue
Etta James – At Last
Jack Garratt – Worry
The Jam – Art School
John Lennon – Imagine
Max Richter – Dream 3
Tame Impala – The Less I Know The Better

This then made the vinyl inside anonymous and people would buy them purely for the artwork, then after they will know which song they have bought.


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