CIP – The Shadows – Gordan Matta-Clark – Research

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

gordon matta clark research

I am researching the American Artist, Gordon Matta-Clark, known for his architecture work. His work always appears to be quite surreal and construction based, frequently photographed in black and white. The fact that his work is all black and white is really appealing to me, and something I wish to incorporate into my own designs.

gordon matta clark research1 gordon matta clark research2matta-clark_0001matta clark


Matta-Clark’s work is completely construction orientated be it from cutting holes in buildings or even piecing a 3 image collage together. The air of construction is strongly based in his work, that I would say the process of production is just as valuable than the final product itself.

Matta-Clark’s collage work has opened up a new door to me, could I do some kind of photo montage using the photocopier? I could create 5 A3 poster montages using photo copied photographs I have taken of my chosen environment. Using the photocopier can sometimes be quite unpredictable, which could bring an uncontrolled element into my designs.


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