CIP – The Shadows – Sophie Calle – Research

Creative Industry Practice, Projects


I have been researching photography by the artist, Sophie Calle. I am keeping a running theme of black and white, to stay specific to ideas surrounding the appearance of contrast. 

chance-meeting-duane-michals1970 Screen-Shot-2014-12-06-at-1.28.59-PM

If I am to achieve a photocopier montage, I want to try and aim to combine both aspects of Sophie Calle’s work and  Gordon Matta-Clark’s work. Abstract whilst simultaneously montage based.


When looking at Calle’s work I get a sense of familiarity, something I can relate to, almost as if I had take the photographs myself. They remind me of something, but what, I don’t really know. This is really intriguing. They’re the kind of images that you come across on your camera and wonder ‘when did I take this?’.



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