CIP – The Shadows – Try Outs

Creative Industry Practice, Projects

The Shadows repeated lampost

I have been developing outcomes for the shadows brief focusing on Gordan Matta-Clark and Sophie Calle’s work, trying to incorporate the constructed feel of Clark’s work and the familiarity of Calle’s work. The Shadows lampost The Shadows Lampost Invert The Shadows Inverted Poster 5 Poster 4 Poster 3 Poster 2 Poster 1edit

These below were early try outs which eventually sparked my ideas for some final posters, but in the beginning I didn’t like what I had produced, especially the colour one. I thought about using block colour to build up the colour of the scene, to replicate Matta-Clark’s construction-esk aesthetic.  However as I got about half way through, I closed it for a while, when I came back to it I thought it looked absolutely terrible. I restarted then with the knowledge that I want to stay away from using colour.

IMG_1946 colour edit black edit




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