Interview and Discussion on Smoothie Brands

Inventivity, Projects


Tesco turns to Parker Williams to create 'bright, contemporary' packaging for new Smoothie range: Today in our studio, because we are all still getting to know one another, we had a task which spit us into groups and got us talking and asking questions about brands.

We were given a set of questions to interview another student. We chose to ask questions about drinks and smoothie products. Me and Kat paired up and asked each other the questions.

What brands do you buy, why, where from and how often?

Tesco’s own smoothie range for a good price, quality and taste ratio. Innocent, Naked and Copella for quality and taste.

What are their three favourite brands?

Tesco’s own, Innocent and Naked.

What are the things that affect their choice?

The product must be healthy, never from concentrate, and affordable.

Ask about last purchase and the whole experience.

Most recent purchase was from Tesco, a Tesco’s own strawberry and banana smoothie.

How could a new brand improve this experience?

As the consumer, the price could always be lowered. More variety instead of orange, apple and pineapple juice.

What are the opportunities? 

More varieties of flavours and ingredients whilst trying to keep the cost down.

Customer Information

After I gathered this information I then created a customer profile. I collated Kat’s information into an easy to read document which laid out all of the information into an easy to read spread.

This exercise got me talking and equally it got me listening. I started to think of different questions to ask, to try to get the most out of each answer. I found it a useful task to get out of the comfort zone, and get talking about brands and the way we perceive them.



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